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Spaceman Spiff

Role in Calvin and Hobbes

Spaceman Spiff is one of Calvin's many alter-egos. Spiff has a passion for fighting anaything he comes across in the universe that may be a threat to freedom and democracy. Whenever he gets captured he is often worrying about spilling top-secret information such as the top-secret formula of his Death Ray Blaster. Spiff wears goggles that can change the shape of the eyeholes according to his amotions. Calvin usually pretends to be Spaceman Spiff when he is bored, like when he is listening to his teacher, Miss Wormwood, talking about long division in maths class. The aliens and planets Spiff encounters are based upon real people and places such as when Spiff is getting slowly chased by the ocean of lava. When he is perched on top of a rock, inches away from getting killed, he says that there's an alien coming to push him in. It turns out that Calvin is standing on the rim of the bathtub with the hot water running at full blast and his mom is telling Calvin to get in!

Spaceman Spiff's Missions

Spaceman spiff flag

Spaceman Spiff conquering another planet

The galaxy Spiff travels is sometimes a crule place. He is always getting captured or shot down by weird and freaky aliens, crashlanding on planets Spiff is unfamiliar with. (some aliens do not seem hostile such as the Unidentified Blob). these aliens are normaly characters like Calvin's mom, Calvin's dad, Miss Wormwood, Principal Spittle and Susie Derkins. It isn't always Spiff getting shot by aliens that causes him to Crashland, It has been because of system malfunctioning whilst he is hovering over a planet in his spaceship. These planets usually have hostile enviroments and alien predators. Spiff hardly ever lands on a planet without experiencing a crashland or a technological malfunction.
Spaceman spiff with death ray blaster2

Spaceman Spiff with his Death Ray Blaster

Spaceman Spiff's Weaponary

See: Death Ray Blaster. Spiff has other weapons despite the Death Ray Blaster such as: Demise-O-Bombs, (water balloons) one Hydro Bomb or more, (a glass jar full of water) a Stun Blaster (a rock) and a Zorcher (a water gun).
Spaceman spiff spaceship

Spaceman Spiff in his spaceship

Spaceman Spiff's Spaceship

Also see: Spaceman Spiff's Spaceship Reality. Spaceman Spiff's ship has just enough room for him to sit and no more. Suprisingly, It has enough room for his wide range on weponary and miscellaneous goods like that. There is also alot of techical machinery in his ship too (that is always malfunctioning) which takes up quite alot space at the front. Spiff's ship is based upon Calvin's toy ship that appeared in one strip. Spiff's Ship always gets wrecked when he crashlands but capable of zooming into a time zone where "Time has no meaning!"

Creatures Incountered:

Spaceman Spiff has encountered alot of aliens throughout his history, here is a list of them:

  • Bat-Webbed Booger Being
  • Bloatoid
  • Blob of Gleatinous Muck
  • Gurl
  • Naggon
  • Scavenger Mordon
  • Scum Being
  • Unnamed Inhabitants of Planet Mok
  • Zarg
  • Zealous Zarches
  • Zog Gaurd
  • Zog King
  • Zogwarg
  • Zorg
  • Zorkon

Planets Viseted:

Spaceman Spiff has been to alot of planets throughout his history, here is a list of them:

  • Anhooie-4
  • Gorkon Death Station
  • Planet Bog
  • Planet Closest to the Star X-351
  • Planet Gloob
  • Planet Mok
  • Planet Quorg
  • Uncharted Planet
  • Planet Zok
  • Planet Zokk
  • Planet Q-13
  • Planet X-13
  • Planet 5
  • Planet 6
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